Thesis books

Formation/Erasure is a visual book that implies a loose narrative of the early history of the Junction and addresses one way that meaning can be applied to urban forms. Image fragments of ‘lost’ place names, from historical maps, are juxtaposed with signposts from corresponding intersections that bring the legacy of the past into the present. Industrial trade names from an earlier socio-economic era are juxtaposed against photographs of current retail storefronts evoking unlikely connections and meanings

Main intersection as an early map and present day

Trade name “Wood Turner” juxtaposed with abandoned chair

Memory/Separation is a visual book that explores the layering of real spaces with imaginary spaces along landmarks and pathways through the perception of memory. Photography was used to capture these personal landmarks, as they exist today. Memory maps were made from each interview with icons representing real and imagined places giving social meaning to physical forms.

Memory interview juxtaposed with present day photo

Memory excerpt with present day photo

Convergence/Inscription documents posters found throughout the neighbourhood and addresses one way that social meaning can be found in pathways and districts. The vertical format of the book reflects the verticality of public utility poles. Each spread has a photographic image on the right-hand side with a single line of text extracted from another poster on the left-hand side creating a dialogue between image and text. Text entries were chosen to create ambiguous meanings or oppose the meaning of the photographic element.

Text fragment “Christmas Carol” juxtaposed with missing poster

Text fragment “Criminal” with global warming poster

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