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Cultural Mapping: Toronto

These two maps were created for a cultural mapping project initiated by the City of Toronto. From the Ground Up: Growing Toronto’s Cultural Sector provides a framework and a toolkit for visualizing the creative economy through mapping and employs a multi-disciplinary approach. The report shows that culture is essential to Toronto’s economy and makes connections between culture, economy and place. Seven partners were brought together to visualize data at different scales; regional, city, neighbourhood, and site-specific.

Neighbourhood View
Census Tract 11, Cultural and Creative Businesses

This map situates some of the cultural businesses in census tract 11, known as the Entertainment District. Studies have found that this district has a high percentage of cultural facilities and a high percentage of cultural workers based on place of work and place of residence. Categories include a broad concept of cultural business including: art galleries, design studios, media production and trade schools.

Sample of creative businesses in Census track

Since it was not possible to plot every cultural business in the census tract, a selection of 112 businesses were chosen as a representative sample of the cultural businesses in the area. Data for the map was collected from various sources including the Internet, business directories and publication listings between 2009 and 2010. The area is home to major cultural anchors as well as a large number of small and medium creative companies, arts organizations and performance spaces.

Building View
401 Richmond Street West, Cultural Clusters Businesses

Originally built in 1899, the historic building at 401 Richmond Street was primarily a site of industrial production. The building was owned and operated by two factories that produced lithography on tin ware until 1967. After falling into decline and facing demolition, the Zeidler family purchased the building in 1994 and began adapting it for reuse. Today the building is occupied by over 140 profit and non-profit micro-enterprises involved in cultural production. The cultural/creative hub supports a mix of tenants comprised of cultural businesses, art studios, health services and social research. Businesses found within 401 Richmond are a microcosm of the same creative clusters found in census track 11.

Creative Clusters in 401 Richmond Street

In total 146 studios were mapped. Studio concentration was sourced and drawn from public directory floor plans. Square footage was not available due to confidentiality; therefore the tenant directory was used to determine the kind of tenant per studio. Categorization of tenant type revealed 10 creative clusters, which were then visualized on a floor-by-floor basis. A second visual was created by combining clusters from each floor to represent a bird’s eye view of the entire building.

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